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Loaner Program

In 1973 Lane Manufacturing was the first to create the “loaner program.” We understand that when your equipment breaks down your business can’t always be put on hold.  If you find yourself in a position where we can’t do an easy fix over the phone or by sending you parts then we will provide you with a loaner Pulsator IV to use until we can get yours repaired.  Once the repaired machine is received we ask that you return the loaner within 10 days.  As long as we receive the loaner in that time period and it’s in good working order the only charge you will incur from us is the cost of shipping the loaner to you.  Return shipping is your responsibility.  There is no cost if your Pulsator is still under warranty. If we don’t receive the loaner promptly and/or it needs repairs or cleaning you will be charged $20 per day past the 10 days until it is received and/or the cost the repairs/cleaning. 

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